Dinner Menu- Dine in/Take Out/Delivery


It’s Bacon!  6.5

Apple-wood smoked bacon dredged in Stonefly beer batter, deep fried and served with Stonefly Stout mustard


Cheesy Fries or Cheesy Tots  6.5

Crispy beer battered fries or tater tots served with

Stonefly Beer cheese sauce…add bacon 2.


Drunken or Hot Wings   6.75

Fried chicken wings tossed in Stonefly Stout BBQ sauce or hot sauce. With carrots, celery and side of blue cheese


Tofu Wingers  6.5

Panko breaded tofu tossed in Stonefly Stout BBQ sauce, hot sauce or half of each. With carrots, celery and side of blue cheese


Beer Battered Pickle Spears 5.

with chipotle aioli


Homemade Beer Battered Onion Rings  5.

add beer cheese  2.


Center Street Spinach Salad  8.

Tender baby spinach, granny smith apples, sun dried cranberries, gorgonzola and toasted walnuts tossed in honey lemon vinaigrette served with toasted pita

Soup of the Day!



Bangers and Mash 8.25

Two sausages slow braised in Stonefly Pale Ale served on a bed of caramelized onions and celery root mashed potatoes with side of warm homemade apple sauce     


Al Fredo’s Pasta    8.75

Penne pasta tossed with peas, bacon and cream sauce with parmesan cheese served with toasted pita


Pesto Besto 8.75

Penne pasta tossed with basil pesto, pine nuts, artichokes and sauteed mushrooms topped with parmesan cheese served with toasted pita with chicken or tofu add 2.


Smelt Plate            9.75

Tempura battered smelt fry served with choice of fries, celery root mashed potatoes or tater tots with a side of warm homemade apple sauce and rye bread


Chicken Pot Pie and I Don’t Care            7.75    

Chicken and vegetable stew baked with celery root mashed potatoes, topped with puff pastry and served with warm homemade apple sauce


Smack Down n’ Cheese  8.5

Spicy macaroni and cheese with jalapeños, green chilis and a secret cheese blend

with herbed chicken, tofu or bacon add 2.


Pick Your Patty! 1/2 lb grilled Angus beef, grilled chicken breast, 
homemade veggie patty or grilled portabella mushroom
with beer battered fried, tater tots, or homemade apple sauce


BBQ Bacon Burger  9.25with Stonefly Stout BBQ, bacon and avocado


Stonefly Burger  8.5

with caramelized onions, romaine and roma tomato served with your choice of cheddar, swiss, gouda, or muenster 


Burganator!  9.75

stacked with our homemade beer cheese sauce, bacon and beer battered onion rings


Redhot Blue Burger  9.

smothered with hot sauce, gorgonzola and sautéed mushrooms


Bodhi Burger  9.

topped with tomatillo chipotle salsa, avocado and romaine


The Cajun Rub Down  8.75

Cajun rubbed and topped with romaine, roma tomato, pepper jack and chili-dill mayo


Mediterranean  9.

topped with basil pesto, roasted red peppers and goat cheese



 Served with beer battered fries, celery root mashed potatoes, tater tots or

warm homemade apple sauce on toasted ciabatta


The Shredder 9.

Pulled pork with Swiss cheese, spicy honey mustard and beer battered fried pickle spears on toasted ciabatta


Sloppy Jofu            8.25

Diced smoked tofu cooked in spicy tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese on toasted ciabatta


Tofu Reuben   8.25

Sliced smoked tofu, sauerkraut, swiss and homemade dressing served on toasted rye


Grilled Cheese  7.5

Gouda, muenster, and sharp cheddar cheese with tomatoes and basil pesto on whole wheat